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New York Dolls
Dancing Backward in High Heels - 429
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Erin Hall on March 17, 2011


New York Dolls

The latest album from the resurrected version of seminal glam-punk band New York Dolls is a weird little gem full of vintage organ grooves, doo-wop harmonies and bluesy undertones. It combines the Dolls’ signature spit-in-your-face attitude with more diverse and lithe instrumentation. “Streetcake” is a cheeky strut brimming with sass and vigor, while “Talk to Me Baby” is a lusciously sexy plea to the tune of juke-joint keys. “Funky But Chic” is all disco-punk earworm and “Round and Round She Goes” is an infectious, slapdash romp—100-percent vintage Dolls. “Kids Like You” reminds us that while Johansen and Sylvain retain the spirit of those smartass kids they used to be, they’ve also grown up. Change is inevitable and to expect this lineup to compare to the legendary Johnny ThundersJerry NolanArthur Kane days is fruitless. What they have done, however, is make a fun, well-constructed album while retaining the qualities that made them iconic.

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