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Neil Finn
Dizzy Heights - LESTER/KOBALT
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Daniel Kohn on February 13, 2014


Neil Finn

On his first solo record under his own name since 2001’s One Nil, the father of Liam shows where his son gets his itch for experimentation. Perhaps unlike other musicians his age, Neil Finn isn’t comfortable sticking with what’s comfortable, which would presumably be a collection of stripped- down songs. Instead the former Split Enz and Crowded House frontman goes for the jugular by taking a chance with a delightfully fresh sound. The intricate “Impressions” features elements of brooding dream-pop that mixes layered instrumentation with haunting vocals, while “Lights of New York” is as delicate as the late autumn breeze. Meanwhile, the dancey, avant-garde sound of “Flying In the Face of Love” and the eerie grooves of “Divebomber” are accentuated by the singer’s recognizable falsetto, and both tracks gravitate in a direction you wouldn’t expect from a veteran.

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