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My Brightest Diamond
All Things Will Unwind - ASTHMATIC KITTY
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Erin Hall on October 19, 2011


My Brightest Diamond

My first introduction to the powerful vocals of Shara Worden came courtesy of her muscular and seething turn as The Queen in The Decemberists’ prog-opera concept album The Hazards of Love. On All Things Will Unwind, Worden taps into her classical roots and creates a soundscape of symphonic bliss. Opener “We Added It Up” is a wispy, Amelie-esque track with trilling flutes and “Escape Routes” has almost a Motown backbeat with flashes of weird synthesized brilliance. The album’s strength lies in its complexity and diversity. “Be Brave” is a standout, featuring heavy bass percussion, deep woodwinds and a flirty piccolo with Worden’s rich, syrupy vocals directing the listener to “Be brave, dear one / Be changed or be undone.” Closing with “I Have Never Loved Something,” a tender, gorgeous lullaby, All Things Unwind is a cohesive trek that leaves the listener enraptured by Worden’s talent and undeniable magnetism.

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