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Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know - Euphone
FILTER Grade: 82%

By A.D. Amorosi on January 22, 2010



Founding Múms Örvar and Gunnar along with stalwart cellist/singer Hildur continue their un-merry way across the fragment-filled Icelandic tundra, with icy dales and prickly peaks as always. Only this time, from the rousing chorale of “Kay-ray-kú-kú-kó-kex” to the elegant “Last Shapes of Never,” there’s something within these Múms never truly witnessed on previous efforts. As a fan (but not a fanatic), this reviewer can tell you that there’s always been more ambient swelling than actual songcraft on a Múm album. However, on Sing, through chipper dulcimers, ukuleles and tons of brass, the outfit makes melodies that, though still weary, are joyfully yet vaguely reminiscent of Pet Sounds-era Brian Wilson (or, at the very least, the High Llamas) on tracks such as “Prophecies & Reversed Memories” and “The Smell of Today is Sweet Like Breast Milk in the Wind.” And we all know that ain’t half bad.

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