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Mouse on Mars
Parastrophics - MONKEYTOWN
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Jon Pruett on March 1, 2012


Mouse on Mars

The duo of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma made a heap of amazing records throughout the ’90s under the name Mouse on Mars. Starting out as a sort of post-shoegaze, bliss-heavy electronic group, they boldly went into the IDM era (i.e. you can’t dance to it) and created albums that were bizarre headphone trippers. More importantly, they created a complex, harmonically varied way of composition that was entirely playful and never studied. Parastrophics is a deep dive into the duo’s headspace and it’s just as convoluted and colorful as ever. Laser-guided basslines bob and weave while the nuttiest pitch-shifted vocals create strange dancefloor images. There’s a handful of killers here, and they’re more than welcome; when Mouse on Mars are able to fuse their exasperating experimentation with a headstrong beat, it’s like the best party you’ve ever been to.  

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