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Mount Eerie
Clear Moon - P.W. ELVERUM & SUN
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Jeffrey Brown on May 21, 2012


Mount Eerie

For years, Mount Eerie (essentially Phil Elverum, with help from some friends) has occupied a hard-to-classify space in music, and Clear Moon delivers another album of epic and atmospheric songs. At their core, though, is always songwriting that rewards close listening; from frequently existential lyrics to layered arrangements, the album is full of moments of sonic beauty. The album begins with “Through the Trees pt. 2,” which builds in volume and instrumental intensity until everything disappears, save a softly strumming guitar and Elverum’s earnest voice stating, “From now on, I will be perfectly clear.” It’s these perfect moments of clarity that are all the more impactful in the context of the rest of the music—the heavy, dark guitars occasionally appearing on tracks like “Over Dark Water,” or the driving beat of “House Shape.” The Mount Eerie catalog can be challenging, of course, but that always makes listening more than worth it. 

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