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FILTER Grade: 81%

By Kyle Lemmon on December 4, 2013



Rhye’s sensual R & B album Woman has bred new albums from two deviating projects this year. The first was Quadron’s Avalanche, a jazzy neo-soul album from Rhye producer Robin Hannibal and vocalist Coco O. The other album is called Jetlag and comes from Rhye’s whispery vocalist, Michael Milosh. This is Milosh’s fourth electronic collection of hangdog love tunes, an alluring collaboration with his wife, Alexa. Slipping into a pleasant indolence, out-of-focus piano ballads and back-masked tape loops populate this miniscule album. Its intimate and experimental approach to percussion is a true hallmark, though. For example, on “Do You Want What I Need,” the Canadian artist mic’d himself drumming on his wife’s stomach. He brushed her skin, edited and cut up the sounds, and reversed her laughs as they joked over the bizarre situation. Also, the title track uses hand percussion on a full and empty bathtub. It’s these familiar sounds that keep Jetlag stimulating even if the songs are not as instantly memorable as the tracks on Woman


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