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Mikal Cronin
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kurt Orzeck on May 14, 2013


Mikal Cronin


Mikal “Don’t Call Him a Prodigy” Cronin may not be as prolific as collaborator Ty Segall, but he’s just as much a natural talent. The songwriter is only two albums deep into a solo career, but he’s already a master at crafting perfect passels of power-pop. He most likely hears the totality of a song in his head before even reaching for the pick. Perhaps to that end, he played virtually every note himself on this Merge debut. But while Cronin’s musical expertise belies his age, the existential struggles about which he sings—fear of the world, distrust of love, lack of self-confidence—do not. At its essence, MCII is an extended journal entry in which a very young man is trying to muster the courage to live his life. By the last song, he has found it: “Open arms are givin’ me hope,” Cronin concludes.


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