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Mice Parade
Candela - FAT CAT
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Gianna Hughes on February 20, 2013


Mice Parade


Mice Parade’s Candela proves that although Adam Pierce has spent much of his musical career experimenting with sound and collaborating with an array of eclectic artists, he has finally developed a style that is entirely his own. The album, which is named after a bar in Madrid, is both musically complex while also honoring the subtle intricacies for which Pierce has a natural ear. In fact, the album could be rightly described as “cultured.” And it is conceptual in the sense that every detail is intentional. Reverbed guitars wash over you as water would in “The River Has a Tide.” Delicate vocals are juxtaposed to the intrusive off-signature percussion in “Currents.” But one thing is apparent above all else: although Mice Parade is typically regarded as a solo project of Pierce, it is clear the concept of community compels him. And this is where his biggest strength lies.

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