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Mice Parade
What it Means to Be Left-Handed - Fat Cat
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Scott Thill on September 15, 2010


Mice Parade

The sparkling solo project of multi-instrumentalist Adam Pierce, Mice Parade specializes in chilled indie arpeggios that swell with craftsmanship. We can now add to that description “crunchy sunshine,” in the case of Pierce’s third effort What It Means to Be Left-Handed, which swirls with kinetic strums and soaring vocals from frequent and new collaborators like Caroline Lufkin, Meredith Godreau and Swahili singer Somi, who flies Mice Parade to Africa in the spirited “Kupanda.” Propelled by Pierce’s acrobatic acoustics, classical guitarist Dan Lippel, and hyperactive drummer Doug Scharin (HiM, Codeine, Rex), atmospheric head-trips like “In Between Times,” “Recover” and “Couches and Carpets” veer between gaze and flamenco without breaking a string. A bracing cover of The Lemonheads’ “Mallo Cup” seals the deal. Kevin Shields and Paco de Lucia would be so proud. 

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