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FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kathy Iandoli on March 14, 2014



A lot has changed since Metronomy delivered 2011’s The English Riviera. New bands emerged, successfully recreating the UK outfit’s critically acclaimed breed of electro-pop-slash-rock. Their latest endeavor Love Letters has rough patches, starting with the falsetto opener “The Upsetter,” moving right into the follow-up “I’m Aquarius.” Metronomy has never been about particularly stellar vocals, rather it’s the sum of their parts that keep us here. Love Letters unwrinkles by “Monstrous,” as lead singer Joseph Mount vulnerably coos, “Promise me that you’ll follow me/I couldn’t stand to be alone.” The title track oozes a jazzy instrumental that waits (a little too long) before Mount enters. “Boy Racers” rips a page from Chromeo’s production playbook and rides out, sans vocals, with “Call Me” following with what sounds like a vocoder (more Chromeo?). Love Letters may not guarantee that Metronomy are the kings of their sound, but they still have a seat at the table.

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