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Synthetica - MMI
FILTER Grade: 76%

By Zachary Sniderman on June 15, 2012



Metric became one of Canada’s finest indie exports by playing with ripping guitars, grainy synths and Emily Haines’ beautiful, could-be-cute/might-kill-you-in-your-sleep lyrics. It’s business as usual on their fifth full album. “Lost Kitten” is a sweet, insane romp with Haines cooing, “Tell me one thing you’d never do / I was looking for a hooker when I found you,” before launching into a hand-clapping chorus stabbed with chants, xylophones and cheerleader drums. The title track is a vinegary version of Metric’s too-pissed-to-care ethos that could win a bar fight. It’s a shame the rest of the album is a let down. The title is a rebuke to the plastic, digital lives we all lead. Fair enough, but most of the songs sound more like the problem than the solution. Some tracks drone rather than groove and one (“Breathing Under Water”) sounds oddly like a Coldplay B-side. Another (“Dreams So Real”) literally repeats the line, “a scream becomes a yawn.” Yup. This unbalanced album is both the most and least fun you’ll have all year.

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