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FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kyle MacKinnel on September 17, 2012



One of the most likeable things about Menomena is the healthy dose of levity with which its records are imbued, dating back to the Portland then-trio’s 2003 debut, I Am the Fun Blame Monster! Even the band’s website post announcing founding member Brent Knopf’s departure was laced with a Peter Gabriel/Genesis wisecrack. The good news: Knopf leaving to focus on his Ramona Falls project does not spell out a Gabriel—>Collins–degree sea change in Menomena’s approach, with Danny Seim’s presence still central. The bad news: maybe a gust of wind or a riptide at a time like this wouldn’t be such a terrible thing. It’s not that Moms is anything less than a solid record (it’s a pretty strong one, even, from a band that has yet to truly disappoint), but it’s telling when on the penultimate track, “Don’t Mess With Latexas,” Seim sounds a bit deflated as he sings, “I was a monster once, but / Now I’m gone / ’Cause now I’m fed.” 


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