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Mines - Barsuk
FILTER Grade: 87%

By Nazirah Ashari on May 20, 2010



There’re two possible outcomes when a band keeps within in its comfort zone over a span of several albums: either it thrives in its current state and continues making one amazing record after another, or the band gets antsy and destroys what it has created by all of sudden trying too hard to be different. After three critically acclaimed albums and a new offering, Menomena - thank god - doesn’t fall into the latter category. With Mines, this Portland experimental rock trio’s fourth full-length release continues where they started on their epic debut I Am The Blame Fun Monster and builds upon it ingenious third album, Friend and Foe. The album warms up with the slow tempo song “Queen Black Acid,” before making way for more experimental tracks like “Taos,” a garage-rock number full of frolicking vibes, and the heavy and complex mix of guitar riffs and drum beats in “Bote.” Menomena also wonderfully mixes and matches these energetic, fast-paced numbers with mellow, calm and content songs, like “Dirty Cartoons” and “Intil,” that will automatically grow on you. You will soon realize that despite its overdone complexity, Mines doesn’t stray far from the band’s usual formula yet still manages to be magical.  NAZIRAH ASHARI

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