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The Slideshow Effect - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kyle Lemmon on March 2, 2012



Houses are an eerie, mothballed monument to our lives. A reminder of our corporeal selves, they manage to outlast us, and in the process acquire the uncanny ability to pass on vaporous memories. A musty photograph, the smell of a home-cooked meal or the touch of the actual bones of the creaking structure can fire off a spray of neurons in one fleeting moment. Guelph, Ontario, electro-pop band Memoryhouse know that music has an analogous enchantment over the human psyche. Two years ago, their reverbed gem of a debut EP, The Years, encapsulated the despondency of nostalgia. Their full-fledged debut LP, The Slideshow Effect, aims for warmer environments. The duo’s tradition of marrying the auditory (composer Evan Abeele) with the visual (photographer Denise Nouvion) is shot through with a slightly distancing sadness, akin to Max Richter–esque arrangements for string, piano and synth. This time out, with the rhythmic assistance of intermittent bassist Barzin Hassani Rad, Memoryhouse push their indolent, Sunday morning music as far as possible into the depths of recollection.   

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