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Megafaun - HOMETAPES
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Loren Poin on September 19, 2011



Many bands use tropes, harmonies and even chord progressions made popular by bygone artists; it makes one wonder what ancient unrecorded artists may have sounded eerily similar to the Grateful Dead, for example. It is probably no coincidence that “Real Slow,” the first song on Megafaun’s self-titled release, brings them to mind. The Beatles come up in the mix quite a few times, too—and yet nothing about this album is inauthentic. Every song has a beautiful sheen, with washy acoustic guitars bathing the listener in stained-glass glow. The plaintive chorus of “State/Meant” sounds both angelic and bummed out, sounding the late summer bell for nostalgia. Not only does the band get points for execution, but the songs on Megafaun are so intriguingly varied that, listening to the drums reverberate on emotional ballad “Hope You Know,” you’re shocked to remember yourself comparing this band to anybody.


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