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Mazzy Star
Seasons Of Your Day - RHYMES OF AN HOUR
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Carrie Tucker on September 26, 2013


Mazzy Star

Sometimes change is good, and sometimes it’s disconcerting. Certain things should stay the same: the sunset over I-15 through the Mojave Desert, the shushing sound of waves at the beach…and Mazzy Star. With Seasons of Your Day, Hope Sandoval and David Roback deliver beautiful, welcome consistency, making true West Coast music in a place where time moves at a different pace, where you scratch your head slowly and say, “Their first studio album in 17 years, how is that possible?” It’s the aural equivalent of sweet syrup—slow, molasses-y and utterly satisfying.

From “In The Kingdom”’s opening organ notes, reminiscent of the classic “Blue Light,” to the first single “California,” full of lazy slide guitar and vocals, Sandoval and Roback have changed only a little, and just enough to matter. Lyrics have matured and arrangements are more layered and delicate—if that’s possible; no more of that “She Hangs Brightly” Manzarek-esque sound. Their epic abilities still exist, as displayed on the almost-eight-minute “Flying Low,” but there’s no twee cheer, only the soundtrack for dusty urban roadtrippers. Unlike other gone-but-we’ll-make-sure-you-remember-us-when-we-do-a-half-asssed-reunion acts, Sandoval and Roback are backed by the original Mazzy Star line-up, along with My Bloody Valentine’s Colm Ó Cíosóig and the late, great Scottish folk artist Bert Jansch, who makes an appearance on the past-perfect “Spoon”—a song so visceral that you can almost see Jansch’s fingers moving in concert with Roback’s, as Sandoval does her best drowsy delivery.

Thank god for consistency. In a world spinning much too fast, Mazzy Star remain a warmly glowing constant in the night sky—always hanging brightly, a musical totem you can follow to the ends of the earth…or at least the end of I-15. 


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