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Matt Pond
The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hands - BMG
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Bailey Pennick on March 1, 2013


Matt Pond

For his first musical outing sans his PA suffix, Matt Pond wants you to know that he is capable of being happy…or at least optimistic. Unlike the reoccurring melancholic and bittersweet tone of his nine previous releases, album number 10—The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hands—showcases a lighter side of Pond lyrically and musically. He makes this rose-tinted shift immediately with the album’s energetic opener “Let Me Live”—a song that embodies the new LP’s attitude: driving beats, playful pop melodies and easy-to-learn choruses. While Pond continues to explore themes of heartbreak (“Hole in My Heart”), longing (“Bring Back the Orchestra”) and uncertainty (“Love To Get Used”), he approaches it with the maturity of a guy who finally trusts and understands that his wounds will heal, and that he will ultimately become stronger because of them.  


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