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Man Man
On Oni Pond - ANTI-
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Kyle Lemmon on September 19, 2013


Man Man

Man Man frontman Honus Honus (Ryan Kattner) has always had his heart firmly planted on his sleeve. On his band’s fifth album, On Oni Pond, the experimental-rock showman sharpens his Frankenstein mash of genres down to a gleaming point and plunges it deep into his carotid artery. He now shares his self-destructive song-crafting duties with drummer Pow Pow (Christopher Powell), which lends tracks such as “Pink Wonton,” “Pyramids” and “Fangs” a supplementary punch. Per usual, Man Man continues to craft beautifully sad blues ballads (“Head On”) with Saddle Creek house producer Mike Mogis. It’s a seamless musical relationship that was originally set in motion for the recording of 2011’s Life Fantastic. The veteran group has carved out an inimitable niche for itself in the indie landscape, so you can’t fault the rowdy crew too much for wanting to calm the fuck down and move beyond some of the noisemaking of the past. 


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