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Majical Cloudz
Impersonator - MATADOR
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Paula Mejia on May 20, 2013


Majical Cloudz

The name may appear like it was penned by a kindergartener’s crayon, but Canada’s Majical Cloudz create sparse bursts of emotive electronica that’s anything but whimsical. Lead singer Devon Welsh’s baritone grumble is the only emotive element of Majical Cloudz besides collaborator Matthew Otto’s bare-bones chords, a welcome relief from the maximalist stylings of many contemporary artists working with synth loops and samplers. Rather, the duo utilize minimalist instrumentation, focusing instead on casting a spell on the listener with quietly unsettled lyrics like, “I want to feel like somebody’s darling.” On their Matador debut, the two manage to plummet you into a melancholy somewhere that’s both poignant and pained with incantations, ghostly samples and Gregorian-like chants. Majical Cloudz create music finely attuned to please a listener that isn’t afraid to revisit fear, insecurity or loss. Welsh and Otto reach those who can find self-fulfillment in unearthing complexities, especially ones that lie underneath a surface subtlety.

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