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The Invisible Way - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Jeffrey Brown on March 20, 2013



Evolution is a long, slow process measured by small increments, and is particularly appropriate to apply to the band Low, who started their careers as one of the best-known “slowcore” bands. The differences from album to album for Low have been subtle and occasionally immeasurable, although their last few albums have been noticeably more up-tempo and have also displayed tendencies toward both pop and heavier, more traditional rock. On their 10th studio album, The Invisible Way, Low dials back this trend and focuses more on vocals and songwriting, even while the album sounds like a seamless step from the previous record. As a band, Low continues to evolve into a better version of themselves; there’s no need for radical reinvention or changing for the sole sake of change. Instead, they maintain the patient emotional tone that has drawn fans to their music over the years while refining their sound into something even deeper.


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