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Love Is All
Two Thousand and Ten Injuries - Polyvinyl
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Jon Pruett on March 24, 2010


Love Is All

Sweden’s Love is All has existed at times in some bizarre, post-punk record collector’s corner; where propulsive, manic rhythms reminiscent of The Fire Engines hit the art gallery funk of James Chance. On its third album, the group doesn’t so much tone this down as weave these elements into a more elaborate and adventurous record. Two Thousand and Ten Injuries was recorded on an analog 24-track and produced by ex-Aislers Set member Wyatt Cusick, who helps the band navigate between art-punk damage and arsenic-laced bubblegum. Vocalist Josephine Olausson keeps the proceedings filled with blistering energy thanks to her mixture of coy and “I’m being chased by scary things” exasperation. Throw in some joy, a few gloriously scuffed-up recordings, and a love of The Pastels and you can see why Love is All is worth all the fuss.

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