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Los Campesinos!
Hello Sadness - ARTS & CRAFTS
FILTER Grade: 63%

By Jon Falcone on November 22, 2011


Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! have always been a bedroom band for scruffy kids with poetic hearts. Now they just sound like Arcade Fire—an Arcade Fire of perverts out on day release, grownups dressed in waistcoats with their eyes on your panty-line. There’s the typical Campesino angst, shyness and coyness but now there’s a few mature flushes. Production devastates this; nothing sparks or excites anymore, it all rolls in expectedly. Lyrics in the opener “By Your Hand” are cliché-smashed with “Remember what your heart is for” and “It’s a good night for a fist fight.” Even the eye-rolling “for sure” is used, like it’s a closing moment of Friends. Hello Sadness has only got one tempo and one mode: anthemic soccer terrace chanting choruses with soft, escalating verses. Whereas previous albums took a massive leap into noise and danger, this disappoints. Red card, please.


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