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Los Campesinos!
Romance is Boring - Arts + Crafts
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Kenny McGuane on April 15, 2010


Los Campesinos!

Like ’em or hate ’em, one thing’s for sure: Cardiff’s Los Campesinos! are one of the hardest-working indie bands on the planet. With one EP and two full-lengths in just under three years—plus their newest Romance is Boring—Los Campesinos! have managed to maintain the sort of work ethic rarely seen since the two-album-a-year contracts of the ’60s. Endless touring combined with consistent and focused songwriting has yielded them perpetually solid results for a music career just in its infancy. Los Campesinos!’ latest packs all the same urgency, punch and indie-rock prowess of their earlier efforts while simultaneously expanding their musical palette with orchestral flourishes and synthesizer drop-ins. Frontman Gareth’s bleak and glass-half-empty lyrical agenda is also intact here; he’s fully embraced his favorite topics: shagging, death and suicide. Romance is Boring is a strong effort from a dedicated band that could use a bit more restraint in terms of arrangement, but nonetheless, it’s self-assured, deliciously Welsh and—as always—a real good time.

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