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Lord Huron
Lonesome Dreams - IAMSOUND
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Loren Auda Poin on October 9, 2012


Lord Huron

A plethora of slow-expanding gongs, brash cymbal shimmers and other such dramatic drippings depend like sheeny webs from the sharp and assured songwriting on Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams; singer-songwriter Ben Schneider has obviously been at this quite a while, building musical muscle and polishing his sound with gusto. Some of these gauzy, reverb-tastic liltings you’ve heard first from bands like My Morning Jacket and Fleet Foxes, but on certain songs, most notably the title track and “The Man Who Lives Forever,” Schneider enters a less-referential arena and carves out more compelling territory. His voice slides like a shadow, and the shift in tone shocks; a modern pop song supplants the weathered daguerreotype vibe, pushed along by the nearly unreal lushness the band revels in. Impeccably crafted, Lonesome Dreams sets out into the sun, toward shores far and away.


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