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Local Natives
Gorilla Manor - French Kiss
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Breanna Murphy on April 5, 2010


Local Natives

In L.A., the 75-degree stretch of “winter” between December and March is a bizarre utopia of never-ending sunshine, with only brief bouts of underlying chills. I found myself wrestling similarly with the blessings and curses of the debut from Local Natives. On “Sun Hands,” the collective harmonies burst emphatically skyward, revealing a young band in full bloom in the summer sun. The light continues to shine through “Airplanes” and a clever turn on Talking Heads (Building and Food’s “Warning Sign”), but despite the (mostly) joyful chorus, the promising elation never exactly fulfills its due. However, despite the flaws of their debut, Local Natives are one of the more gratifying emergences from East L.A. in recent times—whether they are part of the neo-flower-indie movement or not. 

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