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Liz Phair
Funstyle/Girlysound - Rocket Science Ventures
FILTER Grade: 73%

By Marissa Moss on December 1, 2010


Liz Phair

Advice for listening to Liz Phair’s double CD Funstyle/Girlysound is similar to what you’d hear pre-tattoo: It’s gonna be painful, but worth it in the end. That’s because Funstyle’s what would happen if M.I.A. joined a musical sequence on Saved by the Bell—Phair’s bhangra rap isn’t as bad as her Beck-era funk or phrases like “penis colada,” though tracks like “Satisfied” are pleasant but gritless. The payoff? Girlysound, a compilation of raw early rarities like “Valentine,” sounds so good that even limp dick rhymes are redeemed.

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