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Sisterworld - Mute
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Sam Roudman on May 21, 2010



On its last album, Liars, the band shed the convoluted mythology that had guided its previous effort, the drone masterpiece Drum’s Not Dead, in favor of an instinctual approach, contorting childhood radio rock fantasies into what sounded like a greatest hits collection from the darkest, weirdest rock ensemble ever. It was a career highpoint for a band that seemed like just another eccentric dance-punk band in 2000. For its latest, Liars has returned to the conceptual approach, exploring the gutters of America’s favorite soured paradise—Los Angeles. Sisterworld is a slight and perhaps necessary comedown for Liars after the polar extremes of previous releases. It finds the band approaching rock songs with greater comfort and nuance, whether for the wet, groove riding kraut-rock of “Proud Evolution” or the panic-inducing nosebleed swing of “The Overachievers.” It also finds the added nuance of string and horn arrangements in addition to the usual array of queasy-toned guitars and distorted keys. It’s a far cry from dance-punk and a worthy step for one of the decade’s boldest bands. SAM ROUDMAN

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