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Liam Finn
FOMO - Yep Roc
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Kyle MacKinnel on June 21, 2011


Liam Finn

Holed up in a house beside the black sand beaches of Piha, Liam Finn spent his recent New Zealand homecoming continuing to hone his songwriting. The resulting output on his second solo record, FOMO, suggests Finn is probably not one to miss out on many opportunities. So, no worries as far as the title goes. These 10 new songs coalesce around a feeling of gravity that progresses from Finn’s solid 2007 debut, I’ll Be Lightning. “Neurotic World” is an accomplished opening piece that could satiate the pining of a James Mercer or a John Vanderslice for new direction. “Cold Feet” is a great pop tune, and offers a tip of its cap to the best of Neil Finn’s Crowded House catalog. Other standouts, such as “Little Words” and “Jump Your Bones,” represent an extended move into experimental territory. Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche even contributes ambient percussion to the latter. FOMO shows Finn heading in an exciting direction, paradoxically stretching out his vision and ample talent while delivering a more cohesive record in the process.


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