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Let’s Wrestle
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FILTER Grade: 77%

By Erin Hall on May 23, 2011


Let’s Wrestle

English indie rockers Let’s Wrestle could easily be that band your little brother and his friends formed in your parents’ garage in 1995. Tapping the fountain of grunge for frenetic guitar licks, distracted, often lazy vocals and crashing percussion helps them to produce an effortlessly enjoyable sound. The tracks are all blazingly short and contain lyrics about punching Pokémon in the face and finding a rock star in your room. Among this carefree naïvete, however, lies some genuine emotion. “For My Mother” is a simplistic but poignant song that accurately paints grief through the eyes of a young man and “I Am Useful” rings with aching brokenness as vocalist Wesley Patrick Gonzalez humbly sings, “I’ve got all your stuff in parcels by the door/But I don’t have a wife anymore.” It’s haunting in spots but ultimately fun; there’s no sign of a sophomore slump for these guys.

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