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FILTER Grade: 76%

By Dom Sinacola on May 30, 2012



Birthed in San Francisco but born for New York, Lemonade makes the kind of hybridized dance music beloved by both DayGlo designer drug aficionados and chain-smoking cardigans; by Brooklyn, I mean. And just like its new home, Lemonade’s ability to co-opt everything its members have ever liked is in full effect for Diver, its second full-length, which is a smoothly hewn amalgam of R&B, dream-pop and—forgive them—even dubstep. While brazen, the thing sounds wonderful, copping their forebears with discipline and sincerity. Given their forebears in question go from Liquid Liquid to Burial, from Prince to Passion Pit, the deftness of Diver is its best asset. Or, maybe its worst, because Diver can get really boring. Big grooves, smart beats, it’s all technically on-point, but it lacks an original pace or narrative—pretty much neutering any melody or songcraft from the get-go. And did I mention the dubstep part? No favors there, either. 

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