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Laura Marling
A Creature I Don't Know - RIBBON MUSIC
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Spencer Flanagan on September 14, 2011


Laura Marling

It’s no wonder British songstress Laura Marling cites Joni Mitchell as one of her influences for making music. Marling’s beautiful, haunting vocals recall an era of ’60s folk rock that coaxes listeners along to a simpler time. A Creature I Don’t Know is Marling’s third studio album and continues in the fashion of her two previous releases. It’s full of intricate storytelling and beautiful instrumentation that accompany Marling’s moments of soft, whispering vocals that can abruptly change to moaning or wailing without warning. The album has a grassroots, country feel at times, and incorporates jazz as well, but Marling’s true spirit here expresses emotions, feelings and thoughts with the confidence of someone twice her age. A Creature I Don’t Know takes Marling even further in her musical career than her efforts have already—and the girl’s only 21.

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