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La Sera
Sees the Light - HARDLY ART
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Laura Studarus on March 26, 2012


La Sera

Katy Goodman makes music that plays like punk’s answer to Beach Blanket Bingo: albums awash in sun-drunk melodies and easily sing-able choruses. On her second solo album as La Sera, Goodman (who pulls double duty as a member of Vivian Girls, too) has got one thing on her mind: love. Specifically finding, keeping and chucking it. It’s lightweight stuff, as easy to wash off as a day of surf and sand. But it’s difficult to deny the buzzy delights of her aggressively rough-hewn pop. Breezy kiss-offs dot the chorus of spiky gem “I Can’t Keep You on My Mind.” The influences are obvious, the homage sincere—such as when Goodman gets her Dick Dale on, busting out “Break My Heart”’s surf memories while chanting the title of the song over and over again. Challenge or threat? She’ll be the Annette to your Frankie, but don’t expect this beach bunny to stay on the shore. 

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