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An Album by Korallreven - ACÉPHALE
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Laura Studarus on November 23, 2011



Pay no mind the fact that Korallreven hail from Sweden. Disregard the fact that the most common adjective likely to be ascribed to their music is “tropical.” And please…ignore that pan flute and rainstick play a prominent role in nine-minute album closer “Comin’ Down.” (Really. Forget it.) Because, the fact is this: Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder (also a member of The Radio Dept.) are capable of transcending the expected by crafting music that straddles the line between summer bliss and autumnal melancholy. The dream-pop duo layers together featherweight electronics, ’80s beats and island attitude—stirring them into a frothy blend indebted to both The Tough Alliance’s harmonies and Air France’s hazy atmospherics. The formula comes into its own, though, with the addition of Victoria Bergsman (of Taken By Trees), whose sweetly flat-footed warble on “Honey Mine” and “As Young As Yesterday,” seemingly heralds the changing of the seasons—even as the beach party rages on.


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