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Kids In L.A. - Cascine
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Clare R. Lopez on May 16, 2013



Much like a passed-down string of pearls or dusted-off pair of Wayfarers, Kisses’ version of electro-pop is unabashedly vintage. The Los Angeles–based duo’s endearing 2010 debut, The Heart of the Nightlife, set the time warp in motion with its relaxed yet upbeat tempos. But Zinzi Edmundson and Jesse Kivel’s follow-up, Kids in L.A., really jump-starts the DeLorean ride. While dreamy opener “Up All Night” could’ve fit nicely into a John Hughes classic, distinct freestyle touches are also strewn about the record. Airy synths, drum machines and lyrical repetition on single “Huddle” conjure up late ’80s and early ’90s acts like Debbie Deb, instilling the album with a subtle sense of movement between eras. This time around, Kivel also pushes his vocals, putting a singsong spin on “Funny Heartbeat” and deepening his delivery on “Air Conditioning.” Sidestepping the sophomore slump, Kisses are here to make you dance.


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