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FILTER Grade: 83%

By Clare R. Lopez on May 21, 2012



If you’re not from the Land Down Under, then you haven’t been able to get your hands on Kimbra’s full-length debut—not legally, anyway—for a while. However, those lucky Aussies and Kiwis have been taking in Vows since last year and the rising pop chanteuse has already earned herself a coveted ARIA Award for Best Female Artist to display atop her mantelpiece. But while most Statesiders probably recognize Kimbra from her poignant guest vocals on Gotye’s massive cut “Somebody That I Used to Know,” this record reinforces the accolades and proves that she’s genuinely got it in her own right. From the R&B slow jam “Something in the Way You Are” to the Midnite Vultures-like funk of “Come Into My Head,” these tunes present an array of styles harnessed by her undeniably potent voice, creating unexpected and refreshing eccentricity—which makes Vows a step ahead of your average candy-coated pop.

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