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Kevin Morby
Harlem River - WOODSIST
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kyle MacKinnel on December 3, 2013


Kevin Morby

The epigraph embedded in the header of Kevin Morby’s Tumblr reads, “Searching the endless highway for a shoulder to cry on.” Although he’s long been a stablemate of the Woodsist family as the bassist in Woods and in representing one-quarter of The Babies, when left to his own devices Morby comes to embody the transient, melancholic persona his blog would suggest. But that doesn’t mean he’s about to be caught dwelling in the doldrums, either. Instead, with Harlem River, Morby shuffles forthright, his sanguine tone assuredly focused on the cathartic inertia of travel. Morby split from his hometown of Kansas City for New York in his teens, and only just recently relocated to Los Angeles. His own personal Big Apple chapter now in rearview, what more apt a time to recount it all with the tasteful candor of folk? Allow opener “Miles, Miles, Miles” to set the tone, and switch to cruise control ’til tomorrow. “If you knew just how far I traveled/Then, maybe then, only then...”


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