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Kevin Drew
Darlings - ARTS & CRAFTS
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Zachary Sniderman on March 18, 2014


Kevin Drew

Darlings is a sunny little album of love and loss arriving to usher out a long winter of polar vortexes. It’s also the long-overdue second album from Kevin Drew, band leader and lead songwriter of Broken Social Scene, the Toronto collective of off-kilter folk musicians that defined the city’s sound through the early ’00s. Fortunately, Drew has carried over some of his friends for guest spots and contributor credits. And Darlings feels like a family album. Even single “Good Sex” feels more lovely than raunchy. Drew and his band fam have mastered a sort of pleasant dissonance of detuned pianos and mismatched major chords, and those hallmarks pepper Darlings with a musical lightness that matches Drew’s lyrical sweetness. Darlings is enormously enjoyable but it is also familiar, sometimes overly so—comfortable in a way that implies Drew is content to rest on his impressive laurels.

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