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Audio, Video, Disco - ELEKTRA
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Zachary Sniderman on October 24, 2011



Fans of the wildly influential French-electro duo looking to bang have a sunnier, smoother album in Audio, Video, Disco. Gone are the “Phantoms,” “Stress” and “Waters of Nazareth.” In are the “New Lands,” “Parade” and “Horsepower,” substituting the first album’s biblical dread for the promise of the pioneer. Audio, Video, Disco is still an infectious clash of French glitch and baroque references but with a human touch of live drums, Ratatat-esque guitars and samples that aren’t actually destroyed to hell. The result is perhaps less danceable, though a sound that is more recognizably their own. Audio, Video, Disco may not kick your ass, but it gives hope for the future.

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