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Junior Boys
It's All True - Domino
FILTER Grade: 83%

By A.D. Amorosi on June 16, 2011


Junior Boys

Like the Orson Welles film it’s titled after, It’s All True, Junior Boys’ first new album since 2009’s Begone Dull Care, comes across as a darkly florid and hotly emotional vacation brochure from the towns in which it was recorded. From the dry ice chill of their native Ontario on to Shanghai and beyond, Jeremy Greenspan and Co. drift through the kinky house of “A Truly Happy Ending” to the bitter discoid epic “Banana Ripple” with room for moody electro interludes and groovy playtime enterprises. The most fascinating aspect of It’s All True is that Junior Boys have finally moved from the more twee (and childishly sarcastic) parts of their past’s electro-pop spectrum to something rich and opulent and so-very-conscious of its dark crevices. Spooky and memorable, this is one lustrous wonder.


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