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Juana Molina
FILTER Grade: 87%

By A. D. Amorosi on November 7, 2013


Juana Molina

The five years that have come and gone since Juana Molina’s softly brilliant Un día haven’t hardened—or even changed a little bit of—the subtle contours of her sound. The Argentinian electro-folkie has kept her sense of play and lusty experimentation intact while mulling over time (“Eras”) and tides (the title track), in both English and Spanish, with a rusty (not as in unpracticed, but of the oxidation process), organic vibe brushing against its wheezy, clean sequencers. Not content to allow the serenity of her soft vocal lines to lilt longingly and calmly through the somber melodies of “Ferocímo” and “Ay no se ofendan,” Molina blurs, distorts and fuzzes each element of her arrangements until each sonic chunk becomes something as textural as tree bark. When she gnashes her teeth through “Bicho auto,” it’s not out of anger—she just wants to get in on the action of being a texture, too. 


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