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Jimmy Eat World
Invented - Interscope
FILTER Grade: 76%

By Jennifer McCutchen on September 8, 2010


Jimmy Eat World

Let’s get one thing straight: Jimmy Eat World isn’t playing make believe. Like recent efforts, the quartet’s seventh album doesn’t really cater to Jimmy Eat World purists. And that’s OK. The band is content with being labeled pop rock’s orgasmic ear candy. Invented finds the foursome loosely hanging on to the punk-emo sound of its early years, and the same melodically catchy, lyrically emotive song craft encapsulates Jimmy Eat World 2.0—even if it’s now flavored with the sweetness of bubblegum. Jim Adkins still coos of love in all its heartbreaking glory, anchoring the record with infectious harmonies and razor-sharp guitar hooks. The title track is a gentle, finger-picking ditty that effervesces into a garage rock-like interlude (which honestly could have been omitted). Unfortunately, the rest of Invented is so heavily airbrushed that it leaves listeners begging for rough edges. Sure, there are some tracks that might be the album’s saving grace, but there isn’t anything earth-shattering here.

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