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Jimi Goodwin
Odludek - HEAVENLY
FILTER Grade: 67%

By Nevin Martell on April 1, 2014


Jimi Goodwin

Jimi Goodwin has already earned a slot in rock’s history books as the bass-playing frontman of Britpop darlings Doves. So expectations are understandably high for his solo debut, which he has said is “a reflection of how I schizophrenically devour music.” He’s not exaggerating. There is an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink mentality to these 10 tunes. “Didsbury Girl” would have fit comfortably alongside the druggy dirges on Doves’ debut and “Live Like a River” could be a leftover from his raver years in Sub Sub, while “Oh Whiskey” is a plaintive bit of bucolic strumming that sounds like it was written at the bottom of a bottle. Unfortunately, this extreme genre skipping isn’t a compelling compilation of influences. Instead, it feels like a man blindly stumbling through the darkness in search of something he isn’t even sure is there. Without the guidance of his former bandmates to help organize and structuralize his ideas, Goodwin seems unable to forge a clear musical identity. It’s too bad, because he’s proven past capability of greatness. 

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