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Jason Collett
Rat A Tat Tat - Arts + Crafts
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Jeffrey Brown on April 1, 2010


Jason Collett
While often noted for his involvement with Broken Social Scene, Jason Collett has been steadily building a solid body of solo work that consistently feels both timeless and contemporary. Collett’s songwriting is usually subtle and understated, and while much of Rat A Tat Tat upholds that pattern, there’s also a greater amount of instrumental complexity, with the backing band adding layers of texture previously unseen. While tracks like “Winnipeg Winds” and “Bitch City” saunter along at leisurely paces, standouts like “Love is a Dirty Wood” and “Long May You Love” change things up with catchy beats and breathless rhythm. Collett’s albums never seem to be instantly brilliant or classic, but they always reward a close listen. With Rat A Tat Tat, there’s plenty of unforgettable melodies to make this his strongest and most accessible to date.

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