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Jarrod Gorbel
Devil's Made a New Friend - Burning House
FILTER Grade: 65%

By Kurt Orzeck on September 15, 2010


Jarrod Gorbel

To be a worthy singer-songwriter, one must be good at two things: singing and songwriting. Jarrod Gorbel has yet to master either of those skills. With a remarkably unremarkable voice and exceptionally unexceptional song craft, the newly-come solo musician has made a false start with this consummately boring listen. Littered with self-absorbed ponderings, dull choruses and distracting romanticism, the 10 songs presented here are a surprising disappointment from the guy whose Honorary Title project expired yesteryear. “Take me to heaven, or as high as we can get,” he heartlessly blathers on “Take Me.” “Just be with me on the way down/The closer to God that we can get, the harder the impact when we hit the ground.” With a thud. Humorless and detached throughout, Gorbel doesn’t even appear interested in this truly forgettable full-length record. And that raises a question: Why would anyone else be?

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