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Jack White
FILTER Grade: 90%

By Marissa R. Moss on April 24, 2012


Jack White

There are many schools of thought on this Jack White person. Some had waited for him to ditch Meg since day one, some prefer The Raconteurs, others think he’s better producing and most bemoaned the death of The White Stripes. Everyone’s going to be happy with Blunderbuss. For one, it’s extremely personal. “Missing Pieces,” the album opener, is a melancholy ride about the dissolution of a relationship, the experience so visceral he feels like he’s disappearing. It sets the tone for a rumination on love and loss from all angles of White’s musical deck of cards: Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, thumping riffs, scorching fiddles, spiraling guitars. But it’s fun and fast, too: “Sixteen Saltines” is an acid-laced Stripes recollection; “I’m Shakin’,” a naughty Rudy Toombs cover. Each song is a surprise, all stamped with White’s impossibly characteristic fingerprint. So whatever it was you thought you’d miss, you won’t. Familiar yet thrilling, Blunderbuss is a masterful introduction to a man we’ve known all along.

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