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J Mascis
Several Shades of Why - Sub Pop
FILTER Grade: 87%

By Kyle MacKinnel on March 15, 2011


J Mascis

One of these aforementioned shades would serve well to find out why J Mascis hasn’t been releasing solo studio records his entire career. He’s exercised a certain level of control over Dinosaur Jr.’s output all along, anyway. Several Shades of Why is almost entirely acoustic, prominently featuring Mascis’ cask-aged holler and stellar songcraft. J’s smoky guitar duets beautifully, and with guest appearances from Kurt Vile and Band of HorsesBen Bridwell—among other relative young’uns—the emphasis of Shades still leans toward the Jr. It’s the perfect record to listen to while you sit and wait for the next comet to pass, as Mascis sounds long shy of extinction.

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