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A Sleep & A Forgetting - ANTI-
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Jeffrey Brown on February 15, 2012



After the various departures and returns of band members over three albums, it should be clear that the driving force behind Islands is Nick Thorburn, and on A Sleep & A Forgetting it’s more apparent than ever. The album is full of the same storytelling-in-song that Islands (and The Unicorns) have always enjoyed, but here the lyrics are sung in first person, giving the music a more intimate, personal expression. Despite the album’s sense of loss and memory, it feels more reflective and post-cathartic than simply “sad.” The music feels stripped down overall, piano-heavy and leans toward a mellower rhythm, but still breaks out often enough into faster tempos, particularly on the jaunty track “Hallways.” The album is a bit of a departure for Islands in sound and even more so in content, but rather than a misstep, A Sleep & A Forgetting fits neatly within the band’s catalog.

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