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no world - 4AD
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Kurt Orzeck on March 15, 2013



Inc. doesn’t make a big fuss about it. With major-label R & B still getting a bad rap for being too verbose and sappy, in slides inc. with a tactical and tactful blend of seductive strains framed by minimal instrumentation. One might be tempted to think that Andrew and Daniel Aged, the two Los Angeles–based brothers who comprise the group might be oozing with sarcasm, but it seems like they’re serious about their music. And good music it is. On “The Place,” for example, it’s as if raw tracks left over from a Lionel Richie session were produced by someone with good taste. Still have doubts? Their credits include recording sessions and touring stints with Beck, Cee Lo and others. Look, for those of you who resist the instinctual gravitation toward R & B music that is more introspective than social, inc. may come as a challenge. But for the rest of us...well, there’s inc.

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