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Idle Warship
Habits of the Heart - BLACKSMITH/ELEMENT 9
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Daniel Kohn on November 11, 2011


Idle Warship

Though they’ve been around for a few years as a side project, Idle Warship are finally ready to release their first proper album, throwing down soul, hip-hop, alt-rock and electronica, the combination of which has built some momentum around this collaboration. Idle Warship tracks have been appearing across the interwebs since 2008, but judging by the direction of this first album collection, both Talib Kweli and R&B singer Res’ experimentation in the studio has unleashed a flurry of creativity that is debatably some of the strongest material of their respective careers. Songs like fist-pumping “The Floor” and the funky “God Bless My Soul” have the feel of crossover, club anthems thanks to an eclectic infusion of genres. Kweli and Res play off each other well and both go out of their respective comfort zones to unleash an album of experimental tunes that are creative, fun and suggest that these artists are even more talented than we may have thought before.

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